EST. 1920


Founded in 1920 in the vibrant heart of Barcelona, Lupo is a legacy brand that has been dedicated to crafting exceptional leather goods that seamlessly blend timeless elegance with innovative design. Our heritage spans over a century, and our commitment to quality and creativity remains unwavering.

Nestled in the historic streets of Barcelona, our atelier is where the magic unfolds. Here, our master artisans infuse every piece with a touch of Mediterranean inspiration, forging a unique fusion of tradition and modernity. The essence of Barcelona's artistic spirit runs deep in our creations.

At Lupo, we have perfected the art of sculpting leather, thanks to our exclusive partnerships with esteemed Spanish and Italian certified tanneries. With an artisanal touch, we mold leather into organic shapes, weave intricate patterns, and create folds that breathe life into our designs.

Our dedication to craftsmanship extends beyond borders. We entrust the skilled hands of artisans in the historic town of Ubrique, Spain, renowned for its legacy in luxury leather goods manufacturing. It is here, in Ubrique, where our creations come to life, crafted with precision and passion. At Lupo, our legacy is a testament to our enduring passion for crafting leather goods that are not only functional but also works of art. Join us on a journey that celebrates Barcelona's rich heritage and the timeless allure of leather craftsmanship, expertly produced in Ubrique.


It all begins in Barcelona in a workshop located in the neighborhood of Gracia, where luggage is being produced, that would soon be known all around the world. The first suitcases and portable trunks travel on boats that sail from the port of Barcelona, connecting Spain with different countries.


Enriqueta Iglesias manages to open her first store. Thanks to her inherited good taste, her deep knowledge ot materials and her unique designs, her boutique becomes a must among the most elegant circles in the Barcelona society.


Josep Maria, Mireia and Cristina become the third generation dedicated to the world ot design of fashion accessories. Along with their parents, they lay the foundations for the tuture ot the company, good work and creativity are their motto.


The Abanico milestone. This model, presented in Milan in 2001, is the true icon of the firm. Awarded the prize for best design at the MIPEL leather fair in Milan LUPO became the first non-Italian brand to receive this recognition. This recognition boosted the brand's international expansion, establishing it as a global brand


Lupo tributes its origins, with the first collection of bags inspired by La Pedrera inspired by La Pedrera, a temple of modernist architecture by Antoni Gaudi. The beginning of a new line of design within the brand, which turns its bags not only into wearable pieces of art, but also into a statement of style and authenticity.